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Heritage "Boston Sax Shop" neck for tenor saxophone

Heritage "Boston Sax Shop" neck for tenor saxophone

Vintage design necks, for tenor saxophone

In different finishes: Bare Brass, Silver Plated, Stippled Brass, Stippled Silver, Stippled 18k Gold

Check availability before purchasing


From the Boston sax Shop website:

The Heritage tenor saxophone neck was conceived from my two passions: restoring antique saxophones and playing them. I have had the privilege, as a repairman, to examine and test hundreds of vintage necks and put the best of each into the design of the Heritage neck. A significant influence for this neck comes from the "free blowing" features I have found on vintage Selmers, such as the Radio Improved and Balanced Action models that have more open angled necks. These models are increasingly hard to find and often people prefer their sound but not their ergonomics, so I set out to produce a neck that would allow players to experience the magic of these old saxophones on more standard instruments. After several years of measuring and adjusting the angles of the neck, and many prototypes, the Heritage neck was born.

The Heritage neck sounds more flexible and has more range in the sound than a standard Mark VI style neck without sacrificing control or intonation. Because of its greater angle, it also gives the sensation of blowing further down the saxophone, which decreases resistance. I find that the Heritage neck gives the player more room to push the air and opens up the middle register which is usually more muted on the tenor, producing a more even sound throughout the saxophone. It's my dream neck and I'm proud to share it with you.

-Jack Finucane, owner and repair technician 



Heritage necks are precision manufactured to exacting tolerances to ensure consistency and are individually hand engraved.

In the Boston workshop, before being shipped to our Barcelona location, the neck can be adjusted free of charge to fit these models: all vintage Selmer models, all current production Selmer models, Yanagisawa, Yamaha, P. Mauriat, Cannonball, Eastman and all other saxophones made in Taiwan. That said, there may be millimetre differences in bore that need to be adjusted by a local technician, having the neck and body of your saxophone available.


We usually order these necks to order, and are dependent on the manufacturer's stock. 

Note: The Bare Brass finish will naturally form its own patina with time and handling.


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