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Repair shop
of Wind Instruments

Repair of Brasswind Instruments


These are some of the common repair procedures:

-Complete disassembly

-Decalcification and internal cleaning, by ultrasonics

-Adjustment and calibration of valves.

-In the case of rotor instruments, correction of shafts and adjustment of lateral and vertical clearances.

-Slides overhaul and adjustment if necessary.

-Repair of dents

-Checking of springs and water keys and replacement if necessary 

-Assembly with application of oils and greases suitable for each element

-Descaling, cleaning and complete overhaul of trombone rod.



Repair of Woodwind Instruments


These are some of the usual repair procedures:

-Complete or partial repad 

-Adjustment of leaks

-Replacements of neck corks, mouthpiece or joints

-General calibrations

Decalcification and internal cleaning, by ultrasonics

-Repair of dents

-Springs, felts and corks inspection and replacement if necessary

-Neck adjustment


We remind you of our address: Marina 142, Local 4, Barcelona, 08013

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