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Vandoren Optimum ligature for V16 tenor saxophone metal

Vandoren Optimum ligature for V16 tenor saxophone metal

The Vandoren Optimum LC080P ligature is specially designed for the Vandoren V16 Metal Tenor Saxophone mouthpiece, and includes the plastic mouthpiece and three interchangeable pressure plates that will bring different characteristics to your sound.

One of the most used ligatures by all saxophonists, each plate brings a unique touch to your sound, facilitating different aspects such as flexibility, bite or sound color. Combine the different plates and find the timbre you like the most, and each one will give you different improvements to the previous ones, varying the pitch, flexibility or sound emission. Available for all four types of saxophones and also for clarinet.


Plate 1: Rich sonority, color and sound projection, the pressure in the direction of the fiber of the reed provides an incredible ease of execution (especially for staccato).

Plate 2: More compact sonority, more centered. Sweetness of sound. Ease of emission.

Plate 3: The reed vibrates freely producing a sound that adapts very easily to your playing. Great ease of expression.


The mouthpiece of the photo is not included in this publication, but you can get it in our section of mouthpieces.

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