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Akai EWI USB - Midi wind controller

Akai EWI USB - Midi wind controller

The Akai EWI USB is an electronic wind instrument designed for musicians who want to go further, using an easy-to-play controller. It represents the synthesis of decades of experience in the design of electronic wind instruments, which have materialised in the most affordable and easy-to-use EWI controller.

Akai Professional is the leading company in the design of electronic wind instruments. For more than 20 years, Akai Professional has been studying the art of playing saxophone, clarinet, oboe, bassoon and other traditional wind instruments to develop electronic wind instruments that allow the player to enjoy the same expressive control as with a traditional instrument.  Akai EWI USB provides wind instrument players with the same expressive possibilities that until now could only be found in much more expensive instruments. EWI USB is the most flexible EWI unit as it uses the computer to generate the sounds.

Its USB interface means that all you need is a Mac or PC computer and the included EWI USB software to start playing or recording immediately, enjoying a complete collection of wind instrument sounds.

The Aria Player software has been specially created for use withEWI USB, giving instrumentalists an unprecedented level of expressive control. A total of 75 sounds including orchestral, jazz, synthesizer and other sounds are carefully recorded and edited by Garritan, a firm known for offering the most realistic sound libraries.

EWI USB offers different types of fingering, including saxophone, traditional EWI, flute. Oboe and EVI (brass), making it suitable for both students and professional players.


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