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D'Addario Reserve Evolution Clarinet mouthpiece

D'Addario Reserve Evolution Clarinet mouthpiece

D'ADDARIO Reserve Evolution Clarinet Mouthpiece (EV10, EV10E)

EV10E: European Tuning 442Hz.

EV10: American tuning 440Hz.

Precision milled for high consistency and similarity between each mouthpiece.

Conical geometry.

Aperture: 1.08mm

Deflector designed for greater projection and nuance of articulation.

Medium-long facing for greater flexibility.

Expertly designed and made in the USA by a team of world-class musicians and engineers.

Reserve Evolution technology, developed by D'Addario, recreates the purest traditional manufacturing style.

The new D'addario Woodwinds mouthpiece is milled and not moulded in hard rubber for a higher level of consistency. Thus, each Reserve Evolution mouthpiece is machined to the tightest tolerances, so that the true beauty of Reserve is found beyond its beautiful angles: in its sound.

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