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Vandoren Traditional Clarinet Mouthpiece

Vandoren Traditional Clarinet Mouthpiece

The traditional French clarinet mouthpiece. The most used by musicians all over the world.

Traditional chinrest.



M15 : Flexibility of articulation. The musician can easily choose from a wide range of colours.

5RV : The historical reference for professional musicians. Quality and tradition.

5RV Lyre : The most open 5RV and the longest table.

M30 Lyre : A more open mouthpiece than the 5RV Lyre, with a longer table, guaranteeing flexibility and roundness. It maintains an exceptional sound quality.

M30 : Its long board length gives it great flexibility with a well-balanced sonority between timbre and roundness.

B46 : The mouthpiece particularly suited to clarinet and saxophone players.

B40 Lyre : The perfect balance of a round and coloured sound. Ease of emission especially in the high register.

B45- : Same technical characteristics as the B45, favouring ease of emission.

B45 : The universal mouthpiece. With an intermediate aperture and a medium table, it has been appreciated by most clarinettists.

B40 : The same table as the B45, with a wider bead, it gives a compact and centred sound.

B45 Lyre : Characterised by a particularly large aperture, it offers flexibility and roundness of sound while maintaining an easy emission.

5JB : The jazz mouthpiece.

7JB : Mouthpiece for jazz and traditional music. Powerful sound and flexibility.

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