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Box of 2 González "GD DUO" Reeds for Bb clarinet

Box of 2 González "GD DUO" Reeds for Bb clarinet

Box of 2 González "GD" reeds for clarinet Bb.

French cut "Filed".

Imported from Argentina. Organically grown without agrochemicals and pesticides.

Equivalent hardness with Vandoren V12 / Rue Lepic. 

Reeds designed for great soloists looking for a superior and deeper sound. Its hardness is divided in 1/4 strength for a more precise choice. It has more wood in the heel, therefore it is a more vibrant and durable reed.


From the "Gonzalez Reeds" website:

Cañas Gonzalez owned by Argendonax S.A. is one of the leading manufacturers of clarinet reeds, saxophone reeds, oboe reeds, English horn reeds, bassoon reeds and contrabassoon reeds. All the raw material used in our products comes from our own Arundo Donax plantation in 3 de Mayo at the foot of the Andes, considered the largest in the world.

From the very beginning in 1982, our mission has been to be personally involved and to apply exhaustive quality control at every stage of the manufacturing process, from cultivation, production, distribution to the evaluation of demanding professional musicians. To produce the finest reed for wind instruments in the world, with quality over quantity in mind.

Through a deep commitment to the environment we choose only the best raw material with extraordinary characteristics, always respecting the family tradition. Today, Gonzalez reeds are pioneers in the division of their measures in quarters of hardness, offering the musician a more accurate system of selection and less discarding of reeds per box. In addition, the brand is synonymous with excellence in more than 30 countries that make up our distribution network.

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