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Bb Clarinet Selmer Privilege Evolution

Bb Clarinet Selmer Privilege Evolution

Henri Selmer Paris is proud to announce the new generation of clarinets, the "Evolution Series".

The Selmer Privilege clarinet  is renowned for its consistency, timbre, intonation and high quality. The Evolution Series brings with it a plus of reliability and stability never seen before in the clarinet world. Due to the characteristics of the material and production process used, the following advantages are achieved:

Greater stability in dimensional variation: the bore does not move or change and the reliability of the barrel fit with the upper body is improved.

Moisture resistant: No more cracks.

Better thermal conductivity that warms the instrument for better tuning.

Smoother response in all registers.

The "Evolution" logo is marked with a distinctive star near the serial number.

SELMER Privilege Evolution Clarinet

Key of Bb.

Larger diameter in the body.

Adjustable thumb rest

Granadillo wood.

Bore 14.60mm/.574 inch.

Standard Boehm mechanism (18 keys, 6 rings).

Silver plated mechanism.

Two barrels with conical bore of 65.5 and 66.5.

White leather pads with metal resonator in the low register and white Gore-Tex pads on the body.

Metal joints.

Blue steel springs.

Selmer Paris Prisme case.

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