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The Book of Blues (Printed Edition) Bb Version

The Book of Blues (Printed Edition) Bb Version

Title: The Book of Blues (Bb Version)

For tenor saxophone

Can also be used for other instruments in Bb such as clarinet, trumpet,

soprano sax, etc


A step-by-step guide to learn how to play the Blues.

Scales, arpeggios, phrasing, licks, theoretical explanations, harmony variations,

different types of Blues, etc, to learn how to improvise playing.

Author: Eduardo Introcaso


Printed soft cover book, with 67 pages of sheet music to play over music tracks.

There are 92 music tracks! 45 examples recorded with tenor saxophone by the author, and the same 45 bases without the saxophone to play alone, plus 2 longer final bases to improvise.

On the first page you will find a QR code to scan, which will take you to a folder where you can download the 92 mp3 tracks, or listen to them online.

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