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Bags EV-II Basic Case for tenor trombone

Bags EV-II Basic Case for tenor trombone

Bell up to 21 cm.

Weight: 3,800 Kg.

Made of the following materials:

Interior: Polystyrene structure and high density polyurethane foam. Upholstered with high quality foam fabric.

Exterior: Fiberglass structure with glossy finish. Closure with YKK zips. Incorporates two handles with natural leather handle and a third handle in vertical position.

The EV-II model is the result of 3 years of evolution of the previous EV-I model in which work has been done to achieve the following objectives:

-Neither the body nor the slide can move inside the case. It has also been possible to eliminate the pads and straps that did not completely prevent movement.

-Improve the protection of the slide. In this model the slide is kept in a cover fixed to the lid which not only protects it but also prevents it from damaging the bell of the instrument.

-Increase the interior capacity to carry as many accessories as possible, for which two compartments have been designed inside and an area in which two mouthpieces can be placed.

-The case can optionally be fitted with cases for carrying clothes, laptops or mutes.

Instrument compatibility: This model can be used for both traditional and open-wrap models with the transposers used by the most renowned brands worldwide (Bach, B&S, Conn, Edwards, Jupiter, Yamaha, etc), with a maximum bell diameter of 21 cm.

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