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The Mississippi Saxophones- Vol. 3 (PDF digital download)

The Mississippi Saxophones- Vol. 3 (PDF digital download)

The Mississippi Saxophones - Volume 3

Score book for digital download


Transcription of wind arrangements and solos by Zeta Yeyati and Edu Introcaso, saxophonists of La Mississippi Blues Band.

97 pages of music in this third volume!

20 themes for instruments in Bb (tenor sax, soprano, trumpet, clarinet)

20 tunes for instruments in Eb (alto sax, baritone)


Each track can be played on the original recordings, indicated in each track, available on Youtube, Spotify, etc.

Provides countless musical examples of Blues and Rock phrasing, ideal for musicians looking to improve their improvisation skills in these styles.

Excellent as a reading and fingering exercise in various keys.

Can be played individually, or in tenor and alto saxophone duos, or any combination of instruments in Bb and Eb.


Tracks included in this Vol. 3:


  1 – Café Madrid 

  2 – Mala Transa 

  3 – Niño Bien 

  4 – Un poco más 

  5 – Qué mujer! 

  6 – Blues al anochecer

  7 – Ahora vengo 

  8 – Ojos de piedra 

  9 – Amor y Paz .

10 – Busco una canción

11 – Diario de un crimen

12 – Ermitaño

13 – Todo otra vez 

14 – Plentzia 

15 – Incidentes en la ruta

16 – Gente mala

17 – Tarde hasta para un gato

18 – You’ll be mine 

19 – Vamo y vamo 

20 – Honey Bee

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