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Alto Saxophone Selmer Axos

Alto Saxophone Selmer Axos

Alto Saxophone Selmer Axos

Lacquered -  Engraved

Like all high-end Selmer instruments, the Axos model continues the tradition of craftsmanship by integrating new industrial techniques.

Since its launch in 2015, it has been the ideal instrument for musicians wishing to acquire a professional saxophone at a more affordable price. Many students, amateurs and professionals alike have embraced it. With the aim of making quality instruments available to a greater number of musicians, Axos provides great playing comfort with great mechanical reliability.

On the occasion of its fifth anniversary, the Axos alto saxophone has received a specific darker lacquer whose warm tone is similar to that of the other models. The "second generation" Axos also offers a specific floral engraving for a high-quality saxophone.



* Leather pads

* Metal resonators

* Lacquered finish

* Selmer mouthpiece

* Selmer Seles case

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