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Kohlert vintage stencil Tenor Sax

Kohlert vintage stencil Tenor Sax

Kohlert tenor saxophone stencil vintage Talisman Artist

Vintage tenor saxophone, made in the then Czechoslovakia at the Kohlert factory.

It has rolled tone holes, original mother-of-pearl, luxury details in its construction, and a very robust sound. It is also very in tune and its mechanics are very comfortable, considering that it is a vintage saxophone.

On the bell is engraved "Talisman Artist" which is the model, "Franz Michl" the builder of the time, "Graslitz" which is the city, and on the joint with the neck it says "Czechoslovakia".

Many quality saxophones have been built in this town near the German border, such as Keilwerth, Amati, Kohlert, B&S, etc.

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