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Denis Wick Straight 5522 Flugelhorn Mute

Denis Wick Straight 5522 Flugelhorn Mute

Denis Wick Straight 5522 Flugelhorn Mute


This is the big sister of the world famous Denis Wick trumpet mute. Since it was first designed in 1968, the design has become synonymous with quality and the benchmark standard mute. The 5522 is perfectly tuned in all registers, provides a great feel that does not affect the "punch" of the instrument, and has the ability to produce a searing fortissimo as well as a controlled pianissimo.


The reason for the success of this mute lies in the brilliance of the design and the care and precision of the manufacture. The design has created a very open mute, providing a full sound and avoiding the problem of tone sharpness found in many mutes. The aluminium is lightweight and extremely resonant. Denis Wick mutes have been hand crafted to produce a mute in which the metal is "work hardened", making it light and very resonant. This makes it free blowing and extremely sensitive. The use of cork produces a perfect fit in the bell of the instrument.


The choice of the most demanding musicians.



  • Material: Aluminium / Cork
  • Format: Straight
  • Colour: Silver
  • Instrument: Flugelhorn / Alto Trombone
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