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Hawkins Straight Orchestral "The London" Mute for Trumpet

Hawkins Straight Orchestral "The London" Mute for Trumpet

Hawkins "The London" Mute

Made in London

Straight Type - For Bb or C Trumpet

With a tone somewhere between a copper mute and a fiber mute, this straight trumpet mute creates an exciting and vibrant new sound color for the trumpet with orchestral mute. It is ideal for situations where a less metallic "muted" timbre is required, or for general use. The design eliminates standing wave reflection, resulting in cleaner notes, better intonation, and greater playability throughout the instrument's range.

Paul Mayes (London Symphony Orchestra, Royal Opera House):

"Very, very impressed with this mute, congratulations. I was actually surprised, I don't know why, but I think its shape is very aesthetically pleasing, but I'm impressed by its performance, especially the consistency of the tuning throughout the range. So well done, it's fantastic... everything still fits. It's like playing without the mute on, in terms of the response."

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