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Boston Sax Shop reeds in Spain!

We are happy to announce that Brass Market is the official dealer throughout Spain for Boston Sax Shop reeds, and the rest of their excellent products.

These "Unfiled" American cut reeds have a warm, dark tone, with projection, and are used by numerous world-renowned saxophonists.

From the Boston Sax Shop website:

Designing the Boston Sax Shop line of reeds has been a dream of mine, born out of the frustration many of us, as musicians, have when searching for that "perfect" reed. For years I have personally struggled to find a well-balanced reed that would provide a warm, even tone while still allowing me to project. Most "jazz" reeds seemed to sound too "bright" and "buzzy," but offered the projection I needed, while the "classic" reeds had the depth and evenness I was looking for, but simply couldn't. break through in a band with volume. So with the help of the best French reed maker in the world, we designed a "hybrid" jazz reed that had qualities of both cuts, creating a reed that did exactly what I asked for; providing a warm and dark tone, while at the same time it could be projected.

I hope you try them and enjoy them as much as I do.

Jack Finucane (Boston Sax Shop Owner and Repair Technician).”

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