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Boston Sax Shop – The most innovative brand for saxophone accessories

Inspired by the past, created for the future.

Led by Jack Tyler, saxophonist and repair technician to the great masters and students of Berklee, and designer of these original products, the Boston Sax Shop brand has attracted the attention of saxophonists all over the world.

It is no coincidence that today's top artists use their products: Jerry Bergonzi, Joshua Redman, Melissa Aldana, Dayna Stephens, Joe Lovano, Ben Wendel, Kirk Whalum, Seamus Blake, Jeff Coffin, Joel Frahm, Immanuel Wilkins, Adam Larson, Kris Urbanski, Hailey Niswanger, Lucas Pino, Kenneth Whalum, Ryan Devlin, Terrace Martin, Noah Preminger, Braxton Cook, Steve Kortyka, Chris Bittner, and the list goes on and on.

Let's take a look at their products.


They arose from the need to create a reed that would unify the virtues of the two most common types of reeds, those for classical and those for jazz. Classical reeds had the depth and evenness Jack was looking for, but not the projection needed in a loud band, while jazz reeds seemed to sound too "shiny" and "buzzy", but offered the projection needed for modern music. So with the help of French reed maker Rigotti, he designed a "hybrid" jazz reed that had qualities of both cuts, creating an unfiled reed that provides a warm, dark tone, while still being able to be projected. Plus, being a premium reed, it is staked and selected to be homogeneous so that when you buy a box "they all sound". Thus were born the Boston Sax Shop black box reeds, now called "Black Label", to differentiate them from their latest release to date, the "Silver Label"reeds , or silver box, which maintain the characteristics of its predecessors, but with a little more brightness..


The Heritage neck was conceived from Jack's two passions: restoring antique saxophones and playing them. He has had the privilege, as a repairman, to examine and test hundreds of vintage necks and put the best of each into the design of the Heritage neck. A significant influence for this neck comes from the “free blowing” characteristics of vintage Selmers, such as the Radio Improved and Balanced Action models that have more open angle necks. These models are increasingly difficult to find and often people prefer their sound but not their ergonomics, and so it was proposed to produce a neck that would allow players to experience the magic of these old saxophones on more standard instruments. After several years of measuring and adjusting neck angles, and many prototypes, the Heritage neck was born.

The Heritage neck sounds more flexible and has more range in the sound than a standard Mark VI style neck without sacrificing control or intonation. Because of its greater angle, it also gives the sensation of blowing further down the saxophone, which decreases resistance. It gives the player more room to push air and opens up the middle register which is usually more muted on the tenor, producing a more even sound throughout the saxophone. The Heritage alto neck opens up the duller areas of the saxophone, particularly the middle register, and adds resistance and, therefore, more fatness to the sound of the palm key notes. It is a balance to achieve the right amount of projection while maintaining the core of the sound and maintaining easy intonation.

These necks come in a variety of finishes: Bare Brass, Silver Plated, Stippled Brass, Stippled Silver, Stippled 18k Gold.



The “Superlative” is inspired by three vintage ligatures: the Selmer 2-screw, the Magnitone and the Harrison. It is the result of 2 years of prototyping and listening to feedback from some of the world's most notable saxophonists.

It features a one-piece design composed of 3 distinct spokes that allow for a great “reed/mouthpiece” vibration while being solid and stable. The reed contact plate is laser cut and provides a uniform grip, while giving the middle section of the reed room to breathe, as this is an area where new reeds commonly tend to swell, creating the optimal seal. It features an inverted two-screws orientation and comes in Brass, Silver Plated and Gold Plated finishes.



At present the mouthpiece range has 3 tenor models (S-Series, R-Series and E-Series) and 2 alto models (M-Series and S-Series), but there is already a prototype of a metal tenor mouthpiece, and several projects in development.


It is a reference to the great “horseshoe” chambered mouthpieces of the past, such as the Selmer Soloist, but made for the modern musician. It is a jazz mouthpiece with body, depth and uniformity, but with the projection needed to make its way into modern ensembles.


The R-Series is the recreation of the legendary Otto Link "Reso Chamber" but with modern openings. The large chamber provides a free and wide sound and the medium roll over baffle gives it plenty of power to project without losing the warmth and width of the tonal centre.



Inspired by the tonal characteristics of the coveted Otto Link "Early Babbit", they have that perfect balance of brightness and warmth that the best vintage mouthpieces have. Their interior format uses a unique, longer roll over baffle.

Unlike the shorter, raised baffles found on vintage models, the subtler parabola of this one delivers the same amount of power without sacrificing evenness of sound. The end result is an incredibly versatile, punchy, warm and easy to play mouthpiece.



Inspired by the legendary Meyer Bros for alto saxophone. The M series is a piece that exudes warmth and projection with the brilliance needed to evoke a classic jazz sound and the power a modern player needs. It has a medium/large chamber, fluted sidewalls and a sumptuous roll over baffle.


All of the moyhpieces listed are made in one of the most advanced CNC machining shops in the USA, which allows for an incredible level of precision and absolute part-to-part consistency. You don't have to worry about getting a "good one" because they are all great. Plus, each one is hand finished in the shop and personally tested by Jack.

Voyager Tool

A saxophone-specific, portable and airline-safe emergency repair tool made of steel and aluminium, in the format of the well-known Swiss Army Knife. It includes 1 screwdriver 2 mm (for palm keys and side keys), 1 screwdriver 3 mm (for right/left hand keys), 1 screwdriver 4 mm (for pivot screws and adjusting screws), 1 hook to place, remove or give tension to the springs and 1 reed leveler and tweaker. Definitely a practical and necessary multi-tool that fits in your pocket.


The Boston Sax Shop accessories list also includes stylish straps, reed holders, cases, mouthpiece covers, greases, compensators, and more.

The brand is distributed worldwide through specialised shops, and we are proud that Brass Market is the official dealer for the whole of Spain.

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